Must-Have Tack Room Supplies for an Organised Horse Tack Room

Discover essential tack room supplies and expert tips for an organised horse tack room. Create an efficient space with these essential items

Jeremy Ricketts
Jeremy Ricketts Posted on 31 August 2023
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    Essential Tack Room Supplies every Equestrian should have

    A well-organised tack room is the beating heart of any equestrian facility, serving as the hub where riders and grooms can easily access essential gear for their equine partners. An adequately equipped tack room ensures that everything is not only conveniently accessible but also well-maintained and ready for immediate use. In this comprehensive guide, we'll delve into the must-have tack room supplies and provide valuable tack room tips that will empower you to create an efficient and highly functional space for your horse gear.

    Tack Room Tips for an Organised Horse Tack Room

    Before we delve into the core supplies for an efficient tack room, let's explore some key tack room tips for creating a well-organised space that seamlessly blends functionality and aesthetics:

    Categories and Labels for Clarity

    The journey to an organised tack room begins with categorisation. Classify your tack and equipment into logical groups, such as saddles, bridles, grooming supplies, and first aid. Once categorised, employ transparent labelling systems for shelves, hooks, and storage bins. This intuitive approach helps with the retrieval of items and fosters an atmosphere of orderliness.

    Maximise Vertical Space

    To optimise space, invest in wall-mounted racks, shelving units, and an array of hanging hooks. Elevating storage solutions to eye level and beyond minimises clutter and transforms your tack room into a functional showcase of equestrian essentials.

    Embrace Consistent Cleaning

    Establishing a regular cleaning routine for your tack room is the cornerstone of adequate maintenance. Dust and dirt accumulation can compromise the integrity of your gear, making periodic cleaning a pivotal practice for sustaining the longevity of your equestrian equipment.

    Prioritise Security Measures

    The security of your valuable equestrian gear is paramount. Provide secure locks on cabinets and designated storage spaces that house precious items such as saddles. By fortifying the storage of your equipment, you ensure peace of mind for both you and your equine companions.

    Champion Ventilation

    Adequate airflow and ventilation are pivotal for preserving the condition of leather items. Proper ventilation not only safeguards your gear but also promotes a healthy environment within the tack room, benefiting both humans and horses alike.

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    Essential Tack Room Supplies

    With a solid understanding of the principles for maintaining an organised tack room, let's delve into the essential supplies that are integral to the creation of an efficient and seamlessly functional horse tack room:

    Saddle Racks and Stands

    Elevate your saddle storage game with purpose-built saddle racks or stands. These specialised storage solutions are designed to cradle your saddles, preventing distortion and facilitating easy access while also contributing to the aesthetic appeal of your tack room.

    Bridle Hooks

    Simplify and streamline your bridle storage by investing in wall-mounted bridle hooks. These hooks not only prevent the tangling of bridle components but also serve as an elegant display for your collection of bridles.

    Grooming Supplies Organiser

    Keep your grooming routine efficient and orderly with a dedicated grooming supplies organiser. This organiser ensures that brushes, combs, hoof picks, and other grooming essentials are readily available when needed.

    Tack Cleaning Supplies Corner

    Devote a corner of your tack room to the essential task of tack cleaning. Here, keep a curated collection of leather conditioning products, saddle soap, and soft cleaning cloths. Regular cleaning and conditioning not only enhance the appearance of your gear but also extend its lifespan.

    First Aid Kit

    Preparedness is key when it comes to equine health. Assemble a comprehensive first aid kit tailored to the needs of your horse. This kit should encompass wound care products, bandages, antiseptics, and crucial emergency contact information.

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    Forage Bins for Versatility

    Transparent plastic storage bins offer unparalleled versatility. Employ these bins to corral smaller items such as horse boots, riding gloves, and miscellaneous accessories, maintaining a clutter-free environment in your tack room.

    Blanket and Sheet Storage Area

    If you navigate through changing seasons, a designated area for storing blankets, sheets, and horse clothing is indispensable. Proper storage not only preserves the cleanliness of these items but also ensures they're ready to serve their purpose when the need arises.

    Secure Tack Trunk or Cabinet:

    Safeguard your prized possessions by incorporating a lockable tack trunk or cabinet. These secure storage units are ideal for housing valuable items like helmets, riding boots, and sensitive equipment, offering an added layer of protection.

    Organised Feed and Supplements Space

    If your tack room shares quarters with the barn, consider designating a section for storing horse feed, supplements, and medications. Employ labelled containers to prevent mix-ups and ensure that these vital resources are within easy reach.

    Tack Cleaning Schedule

    Establishing a consistent tack-cleaning schedule is a proactive measure that pays dividends. By adhering to this routine, you uphold the impeccable condition of your gear, guaranteeing that it's perpetually ready for your equestrian adventures.


    The take-home Message

    An organised tack room serves as a testament to the effectiveness of your equestrian stewardship. By embracing the invaluable tack room tips and equipping yourself with the essential supplies outlined above, you possess the knowledge and tools to create a functional, efficient, and visually pleasing tack room. 

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